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Thursday, 1 June 2017
Hi there, my name is Venissê and I’m an Artist living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and welcome to TRYTOEATHEALTHY.com

DISCLAIMER: I am not a dietitian or a nutrition specialist or a fitness specialist. I do want to lose weight and I want to drive myself up to the healthy lane – trying to eat healthily and live healthily has been on my list for years but I just haven’t done it. Too much work, too much this, that and a whole lot of bullshit excuses lead me to my heaviest today and I’m facing some pretty serious health issues. That’s why I started this blog. 

I'm not a professional cook or chef but I am a foodie (self-proclaimed) and I've learned how to cook at a young age. Most of it I learned through TV Cooking shows and reading books or just trial-and-error or by giving traditional recipes my own twists. It's not rocket-science and you can definitely make the recipes up on this blog too! 

Hopefully it will inspire you to eat healthier, make healthier choices, embrace food with an open mind and hopefully, help you build your arsenal of tasty recipes that won't compromise health benefits. 

I want to put my life around a soon-to-be plant-based diet and whole foods – I want to make it fun and I want to share my learnings with young (or not so young) people I know who are mainly working, living and are polluting themselves here in this brilliant desert jewel – Dubai or any other mega city where it's too busy and you have "no time". It’s an unhealthy lifestyle of too much work and too little time (or money) to actually take care of your/myself. Drop the excuses and start today. 

You're not alone and it's okay to mess up. You just need to surround yourself with like-minded people and you'll be okay! Keep learning, keep cooking, happy eating!

Most of the recipes I make are staples I have always made and enjoyed in the past. But right now I’m trying to really eliminate dairy, eggs and animal protein all throughout my diet so I think I really have to start from scratch or reinvent my old favourites into healthier versions. I’ve read a lot of articles on how to start, where to start, why start now; watched a ton of documentaries and a ton of vlogs from vegetarians to vegans to pro vegans and vegan haters and honestly, it could go on forever. Want to know the two things that really changed my life?

These two documentaries:

FED UP really opened my eyes from what everyone thought a classic food pyramid and how it’s been standardized and how it’s killing most of us with diabetes and heart diseases. I used to love sweet things – cakes, ice cream, cream puffs, pastries – you name it I love it. Until this. And it really affected me because my grandparents all died due to diabetes complications – scary shit. Watch it here

WHATTHEHEALTH really pushed me and turned me into throwing most of my animal-based pantry “essentials”. Almost overnight, but the transition was hard – it still is.

If you have a certain lifestyle or a certain way of eating that you think is not healthy or if you’re a young professional like me and you want to start today – healthy choices and healthy eating, but don’t know where or how to start? 
Plus you have thing 9-5 thing that’s basically eating your every day and basically, you don’t have the money to buy all the organic and gluten-free shit all the rich white kids are eating? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be expensive.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat good and healthy food that’s actually good for you. None of that fast-food salad shit. No deprivation, no skipping meals, no cutting on desserts just plants and all their goodness. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but if you have a clean and firm goal why you want to do this, not just will-power, you can stick to it.

I firmly believe in this article about Tony Robbins:

Here is the most important point:

What does it take to change your life? The first thing I always say is “Raise your standards.” You got to turn your “shoulds” into “musts.”

Raise your standards in imagination first. This means imagine yourself comfortably and confidently performing in accord with the higher standard.

In essence, this is a matter of self-image. Practice being the kind of person who performs at a higher level of excellence than you do at the current moment.

Sooner or later, you will perform at that higher level of excellence in real time. And you will do so as if you had been there for a long time.

Otherwise, an attempt to perform at a higher standard will bump against your comfort zone. That is, the level beyond which you are relaxed and comfortable.

Practice in imagination first. You will grow accustomed to the new level of performance.
Before long, the new standard will be the norm of your mind of success. Then you can raise your standards again.

— Article from MindofSuccess

Try to Eat Healthy is a journey. A transition from a more sugary, animal-based and processed food diet to a whole-food, slow-cooked plant-based diet. This blog is geared towards young professionals who are living in Dubai (or other mega cities) that have been chanting the mantra “I don’t have time/money/resources to cook/eat healthily” much like I did when I first came here 2 years ago.

You can enjoy great food even if you’re not a pro chef or even if you don’t have a fancy kitchen and you most certainly don’t need to break the bank to eat healthier. 

This is a journey into a healthier lifestyle and healthier choices. Join me as I find a better version of myself, and hopefully, you will too, through great food and the joys of cooking.
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