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Spiced Chicken with Spinach Rice and Broccoli

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

An interesting take on the "Boiled Chicken and Peas" stereotype of "diet food" stigma. But a healthier (and cheaper) version as well. This recipe will change the "Boiled Chicken and Peas" stereotype forever and healthy eating will not be boring or unpalatable again.

Why is it that when we hear the term "Healthy Eating" we will only have this image of a lonely overweight person in the gym eating boiled chicken and peas. Does healthy eating really promote itself as something that's unappealing and not enjoyable and just plain boring? Why is it that when someone is trying to "diet" everyone else will automatically be a healthy expert saying, "Oh you should eat this and you should do this instead" or if they're not ruling you over, they will be berating your very decision to make healthier choices. Or, they will make it their life's mission to get you to eat whatever it is that you're avoiding. 

"If I gave you a piece of bacon, would you still want to turn into a vegetarian?" 

"It won't last long, trust me"

"Come on, just this once — it's okay, right?"  

You're doing this not for "them" but for yourself. Do yourself a favour and just stop listening to other people's opinion of you, for once. 

This recipe is easy peasy, don't worry!



Defrost some frozen Spinach 30 minutes before you start cooking or you can just use fresh Spinach if you prefer.

Cook your chicken over a hot pan until the water evaporates and both sides are a bit brown. Once they are a bit brown, you can add your oil and your two cloves of garlic, minced. Add some lemon juice to your chicken while it’s cooking and then season with a bit of salt and cayenne pepper. Cook until the chicken is thoroughly done and brown on the outside. About 15 minutes total cooking time for the chicken.


Once the chicken is done, you can set it aside. In the same pan, add your cooked brown rice (or any rice you want) preferably from the day before. Cook the rice and add the remaining minced garlic and the spinach until everything is incorporated with each other.


You can steam or sauté some broccoli to add dimension to your lunch or dinner.

You can eat this as a comfort lunch at home or dinner or you can also pack it as your lunch. I added some corn to add more colour to my lunchbox version.

2 comments on "Spiced Chicken with Spinach Rice and Broccoli "
  1. I have been on and off on clean eating and ask me how difficult it is. But your recipes look refreshing. Broccoli is my favorite but I am more tempted with these spinach rice balls. Remind me of Popeye the sailor man.

  2. Healthy eating gives you a healthy lifestyle. Broccoli itself is a fresh salad and vegetable. But if added with chicken it will add to the taste of the recipe.