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Saturday, 5 August 2017


Inspired by the Japanese Korokke (コロッケ) usually with meat and potatoes, I wanted to make my own vegetarian version; and hopefully, I'll be able to make a full-vegan version as well. But for now, let's just enjoy this vegetable-filled dish perfect as something to accompany your salad or just something you can freeze for the week and cook on the go. 

I decided to make this recipe because I was craving for a good Korokke. I usually make Japanese Korokke in big batches so I can just freeze them, and then cook them before work. It's time-consuming but the goodness and comfort of having Korokke is irreplaceable and simply worth it. And I used to make it with a lot of butter and a lot of meat (yikes!).

Usually, these Japanese Korokke are deep fried with mashed potatoes and meat inside them. But I wanted my own vegetarian version so whenever I crave for it, I don't need to deprive myself whilst still enjoying the goodness of vegetables (seasonal or not) and without having to deep fry. 

For this recipe, I used my De Longhi Oil-less Multifryer that I got as a wedding present from my Auntie who lives in Abu Dhabi. I know some friends who own a Samsung Multifryer/Airfryer, but if you don't have an Air Fryer or a Multifryer, it's okay, don't worry. 

You can cook these inside an oven toaster or you can bake it as well. If you don't have an oven, you can use a non-stick pan. Cooking without oil takes time though. You have to be patient. You can deep fry it just like in the original recipe, although, I don't really recommend it because deep-frying will just not make sense even if we're working with healthy vegetables and produce. 

When I used my Multifryer, I kept the korokke inside for about 20 minutes just to make sure everything is cooked properly. I really like using this because I can make Sweet Potato fries without deep-frying or any oil. I think it's also possible to bake cakes using this thing, but I haven't tried. The winning feature would be the fact that you can "fry" without oil. 
It's amazing!

If you're like me, you probably don't like spending two hours just peeling, cutting and chopping vegetables. I really don't like chopping vegetables, especially onions. They just drain me off all my energy — or maybe I'm just really lazy. If you have a food chopper/processor, consider yourself lucky. 

You can use a food processor with this recipe, but if you're in your early twenties, living in a small studio apartment or even a shared apartment who hasn't thought of investing on cookware and all those fancy things, you might have to do this the hard way. Chopping every single vegetable manually, in the smallest piece possible. But, you like making things easier, I would suggest using a grater. I have a 4-side grater from IKEA and it's magic. I used a grater for the onions, the carrots, and the garlic. Saved me a lot of time but it really left a lot of grated carrots on the floor as I was working on this lol

Blanche the Kale with some hot water for a minute or two to get rid of that raw taste and so it's easier to chop it into small pieces. 

You also have to boil your potatoes while you're chopping all your veggies so you do two tasks in just one time. I boiled my potatoes for about 30 minutes. They were really big and I didn't really think of chopping them in half before I boiled them haha! 


You will need:

Croquette Filling:

Russette Potatoes (I used about 4 of them)
3 Medium Carrots
Half a bunch of Curly Kale (about 4 stalks)
2 Yellow Onions
1 whole Garlic (minced)
2 tbsp Salt
1 1/2 tbsp Pepper
3 tbsp Cayenne Pepper Powder

Croquette Breading:

Panko Breadcrumbs

HOW TO ACTUALLY Make a Cohesive Croquette without butter or eggs:

Step 1: Cooking the Potatoes

Boil your potatoes (don't forget to cut them in half and remove the skin so they cook faster) in a big pan for about 15-20 minutes.  After 15 minutes you can check the potatoes by poking it with a fork. They should be cooked all throughout, but not very very mushy.

Step 2: Mixing the Vegetables

Whilst your potatoes are cooking, it's easier to chop the vegetables so you save time. 
I used a grater to grate the Onions, Garlic, and Carrots. 

Blanche your Kale (for about 2 minutes) and chop it as small as possible.  

Mix all the vegetables in a big bowl or any other container you might have in your kitchen. You can season your vegetable mix with some Salt, Pepper and Cayenne Pepper Powder. You don't need exact measurements; you can definitely eyeball this one much like I did. But if you like, you can follow the measurements I have. 

Step 3: Mashing the Potatoes

Once your potatoes are done, you can mash them with your potato masher but for me, since I don't have that fancy instrument, I just used my flat spatula and a lot of pressure from my hands. This saves money but also it's a good stress and aggression reliever! 

Step 4: The Glue

On a small hot pan, you can put some cornstarch (1/2 cup) and hot water, about half a cup. Mix it together on medium heat until there are no more lumps on the starch. You can also add some butter but I opted out of it since I am trying to cut dairy from my diet as much as I can. Once you have a smooth and creamy consistency, you can dump this concoction onto your potatoes. 

Step 5: Getting Handy

If you have some plastic gloves for handling food, great. If not, be prepared to get your hands dirty. Just make sure your potatoes are cool enough so you don't burn yourself. 
Now, with the potatoes and the starch mixed and mashed together, time to add the rest of the vegetables. Mix it all in and mix it well! Let all the ingredients come together and incorporate with each other. 

Once everything is mixed in well, you can form balls or patties with the mixture. No need to add egg. The patties will hold together once you wrap them in cling foil (AFTER Coating them in Panko) so they stay in place and firm up if you're not cooking them yet. Yes, it's a lot of work and yes it might be time-consuming; but it's a great way to satisfy your cravings. Maybe you can try making this during the weekend when you have more time. 

Step 6: Cooking & Storage

You can place your Croquettes on the Fridge or the freezer depending on when you're planning to cook them.  

I cooked mine on my Multifry without any oil for about 20 minutes. They did look a bit pale and it really seemed like it was not cooked at all but that's because there was no oil to sizzle it in. It will take some getting used to but it was great. Just remember to season it well. Once my croquettes were cooked, I added some sriracha or Heinz's Curry Ketchup to up the flavor. I know, Ketchup may contain quite a bit of sugar (unknowingly, so beware!) but I think even just a little bit will really make a difference. It did satisfy my craving, but it also took a lot of time to make it. The deep-fried version will be missed but I honestly don't think it's necessary. 

You can also cook your veggie Croquettes on a hot non-stick pan, or if you prefer to use a little bit of oil, why not. Just please don't deep-fry them or there won't be a any point in laboring to make vegetable-filled croquettes only to bathe them in vegetable oil. 

And so, there you have it. A vegetable croquette for your lunchbox or accompaniment if you're ever only taking plain white rice to work. It's also great for those youngsters who keep a diet of coffee and over time and forget to eat actual food because they work too hard >.< You know who you are, yes you. Don't forget to eat enough and eat often to minimize cravings and junk-food hunting. 

Thank you for reading this post and please feel fry to share your own twist to this recipe. 
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Thank you and see you again next week! Happy Eating!

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  1. after reading this post, i wanted to try out the recipe as it looked really apetizing. i must say i was far from disappointed. i love the recipe so much that i am going to recommend it to others

    1. I'm so happy you go to try it! it's a bit tedious to make >< but it's worth especially if you make big batches you can also store in in the freezer. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I really appreciate it! ♡